Securing Your Property in a Fire-Safe Manner – The Super Tips

Fires cause damages worth billions of dollars every year. If you don’t want your home to fall prey of this disaster, you need to get prepared. Getting prepared doesn’t mean that you should sit back and get ready to fight a fire when it breaks out. It means that you need to put the right systems in place, so that you can ensure that even if the crisis happens when everyone in your household is out of town, it will either be mitigated completely, or the intensity of the damage will be reduced significantly.

Securing your property in a fire safe manner is very important. Remember, your home and business are some of the most valuable investments you cannot afford to lose. They say, prevention is better than cure. To fire-proof your home, therefore, below are some practices you should embrace:

Inspect heat sources annually

Even if you have installed high-end heating sources in your home, and you have been promised that they can last for years without maintenance, having them inspected at least once every year will go a long way in protecting your home from unforeseen fire disasters.

Ensure that you change your filters regularly, so that you can avoid build-up of lint, dust, and other debris that can easily ignite a fire.

In case you use space heaters, inspect them after every use, and ensure they are placed at least four feet away from anything flammable.

Test smoke alarms

Some homeowners install smoke detectors simply because it is something fashionable in modern home design. They fail to see the value that these essential elements provide; thus they don’t see the need to ensure they are functional. This is where they go wrong. Smoke signals will alert you in case of a fire, and this will help you fight the problem before it becomes uncontrollable. Therefore, ensure that they are always functional by testing them. Simply take your lighter and place it close to the detector. If it doesn’t produce a sound, know from the onset that it needs replacement.

Ensure the oven and stove are clear

Stoves and ovens should be strategically placed in uncluttered areas. Make sure that there are no curtains hanging around them, or cookbooks scattered all over. This is because these elements can easily cause fire, which will spread across other areas of your home and result into a fatal hazard.

Stay in the kitchen!

This is something that many home owners need to learn. If you are in the kitchen n cooking, stay in the kitchen! Don’t cook and get back to your work, or continue watching your favourite TV show, because unattended pot on the stove or electric griddle can easily ignite a case you have to leave the room, make sure you turn off the stove.

Maintain cords

When electrical codes wear off or they are chewed by rodents, they can spark and light things on their path. Therefore, have an electrician come to your home once in a while and inspect the codes. Faulty ones should be replaced as soon as they seen.

Store flammable items properly

Most cosmetic products and household cleaners are highly flammable. Ensure you keep them away from direct heat, since they can easily start a fire. You can designate a dark room or cupboard where you can keep them away from sunlight and other sources of heat.

Be extra careful with candles

This might seem obvious, but it is one of the best ways of fire-proofing your home. When you light a candle, don’t leave it unattended. This is because it can easily trip over, or burn down and start a fire. Extinguish them before going to sleep, and if you feel that you easily forget things, buy tip-proof candle holders and place them out of reach for children and pets.