Concrete as a Fireproof Building Product

In fire, concrete performs exemplary well – both as a material in its own right and as an engineered material. In fact, this building product has the highest fire resistance classification than any other material in the market.

This explains why it has been used for decades to build basements, garage and warehouse floors, maximum security prison cells, fireplaces, among other elements in both residential and commercial premises.

That said, you might wonder: are there ways I can make my home more fire resistant using concrete without compromising its comfort and overall beauty? Well, below are a few tips that will help you make the most informed decisions:

Buy concrete furniture

Wait…concrete furniture? Does such a thing exist?

Well, you see those concrete benches you see in public parks and waiting areas in cities? You can take them into your living room, but in a much better way!

The idea of concrete furniture was introduced to the market by a Swedish interior designer known as Swedish Ninja, and it has today gained popularity among home owners who are interested in using concrete to fireproof their homes.

With concrete canvas and ‘cement impregnated’ fabric available in the market, interior designers are now making beautiful concrete furniture that can easily blend with your interior décor, which can add artistic value in your home and make it an admiration for many.

Remember, you don’t have to use the comfy and fireproof concrete furniture to fireproof your house. You can also buy end tables, patio furniture, and dining chairs to protect other elements that add value to your home from unexpected fire disasters.

Top it up!

Well, fireproof in its own making is highly resistant to fire.

Nonetheless, you have seen buildings made of this material that have been brought down partially by this catastrophe. This tells you one thing, don’t leave your concrete in its natural state and brag that you have protected your home fully from fires.

Instead top up your concrete and make it more fire resistant. You can do this by using fireproof wax, coats, or seals. Remember, concrete may not be expensive, but you might have to dig deeper into your pockets to have custom casting that will protect it from fire. Ensure you work closely with a professional, so that you can ensure that the materials you choose can help fireproof your property. If you get the best products, rest assured that every coin you spend will be worth it at the end of the day.

Make the concrete lighter

Some people believe that having a thick wall will help mitigate fire damage, but it is actually the other way round. Using lightweight concrete provides increased protection against fire. When mixed with other aggregates such as clay, slate, and shale, it offers low heat transfer, which translates to more fire resistance.

There are many companies offering lightweight concrete in the modern market. All you need to do is do your homework well, and ensure you choose a product that will achieve the structural integrity you need, and still protect your property from fire disasters.

Concrete is undoubtedly one of the best building materials in terms of durability, versatility, aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, fire-proof. This is a product you can use to build structures in your home or business which will not only withstand anything that nature throws in its way, but also minimize damage that comes as a result of unforeseen fire disasters. However, to get the best out of concrete, make sure you choose the right mix, and work with a professional concrete contractor who will guarantee that the project you have heavily invested in does not just meet your requirements but can also stand strong when a fire breaks out.