Today, most fire-related deaths happen in homes. In case you haven’t installed a fire sprinkler system, fire can easily take over your home before you do anything else, and even the most experienced fire fighters might not be able to control it.

The best way to fight a fire is by knowing its potential cause so that you can control it. In the section below, we explore some of the most common fire hazards in your home, and how you can prevent them.

#1 Walking away from something cooking

You are preparing dinner in your kitchen, but there is an interesting TV program, or you are in the middle of watching an interesting movie. You, therefore, leave your food cooking, and decide to enjoy your viewing before it cooks. Thanks to the exciting scenes, you forget that you had another activity in the kitchen, and in a fire hours or even minutes, you see smoke coming out of your kitchen!

You need to remember that your kitchen is the most fire-prone area in your house. Therefore, unattended hotplates and toasters, cookbooks near flames, and using dishes that are not microwave proof can result into an unexpected disaster.

To mitigate this problem, don’t try to multitask if you can’t. Stay in the kitchen and cook, and afterwards watch your movie or wash the laundry.  Ensure there are no plastic materials or books near flames, and always ensure you use microwave-friendly dishes.

#2 Worn out electrical cords

Some electrical cords in your home are hidden, and it becomes almost impossible for you to know when they are worn out. Sometimes, these cords are eaten by rodents, or they become frayed; hence becoming major catalysts for most household fire hazards.

Remember, a worn out electrical code will light up anything that comes on its way in seconds. Therefore, have your cords inspected by a professional electrician ones in a while, and in case an issue is detected, have it rectified before it becomes a crisis.

#3 Overloaded power strips

When you overload your power straps, they can easily spark and cause a fire in your home. This mostly occurs in homes where these strips are located near flammable elements such as gas cylinders. Ensure you understand the maximum load for every strip, and in case you need to include more appliances, consider getting another strip.

#4 Malfunctioned electrical appliances

Malfunctioning electrical appliances is one of the primary sources of household fires in most modern homes. Of course, you own various gadgets in your house, and any of them can malfunction at any time. If not fixed, it can spark and light up anything on its path. Therefore, whenever you notice any issue with your coffee maker, computer monitor, television, or any other electrical appliance, consider having it fixed as soon as possible because it could spell disaster at any time.

#5 Putting flammable elements near hot items

When you get something flammable near a source of heat, there are high chances that it will blow up and cause a tragic fire accident. Therefore, avoid having lamp shades neat bulbs, cloths near radiators, or a gas cylinder near a space heater.

#6 Leaving candles unattended

There are homeowners who have lost their homes to fires that have been caused by leaving a candle unattended for a few minutes. Candles will burn out, and will not stop lighting until they are blown off. Therefore, even if you have the best safe holder the market can provide, never leave this source of light unattended, because it takes only a second for a child or pet to knock it down and light up a fire.

Now that you know the common fire related hazards in homes, you should do whatever you can to ensure you remain safe. Invest in fire sprinklers and smoke detectors, which will help in mitigating the problem before it escalates into a disaster.